[Rd] Problems compiling a simple source package on MacOS X

Alex Bokov bokov at uthscsa.edu
Tue Mar 16 23:11:56 CET 2010

Simon Urbanek wrote:

> In addition, please consider looking at R-SIG-Mac where Mac-related  
> discussion takes place and this has been discussed before (stuffing  
> the error in google gives exactly the relevant hit on the list...)
Thank you, that was helpful. I'll try upgrading to Xcode 2.5. Very sorry 
to have bothered the list with a Google-able problem. I did try Googling 
first, but I was using "/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command 
failed" as the search term rather than the ld error above it. When I did 
the latter, I immediately found the post you referred to.

I'll see if this fixes the problem.

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