[Rd] Using SVN + SSH on windows

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 18:50:34 CET 2010

The worst part is the 20 minute delay which means that if here is
something wrong and you don't know what it is and need to try various
things via trial and error each try takes 20 minutes so its not
surprising that it can be extremely time consuming to set up.  I did
set it up a long time ago so perhaps the situation is better now but
my experience at the time was more like Christophe's.  If the 20
minute turnaround cannot be solved then I think the best solution for
Windows users would be excellent step by step documentation on how to
mirror your repository onto R-Forge from googlecode and elsewhere so
that Windows users can do their commits on googlecode (assuming that
mirroring your repository is possible and is easier than the commit
procedure and does not involve the 20 minute delay).

2010/3/27 Uwe Ligges <ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de>:
> It is really not hard to set it up. I am using a vanilla ssh (rather than
> putty) and that works fine all the time...
> Uwe Ligges
> On 27.03.2010 18:31, Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
>> s getting commits to R-Forge to work from
>> Windows.  The entire system is really geared to UNIX.  It took me a
>> couple of days of trial and error (since you have to wait 20 minutes
>> for each try) before I got it working.  Although I did get it to work,
>> I ultimately decided to host all my packages on googlecode.
>> googlecode is extremely easy to use from Windows and does not require
>> any public/private key, pageant, etc.  e.g.
>> http://sqldf.googlecode.com.  If you already have TortoiseSVN and know
>> how to use it then you can probably set up a googlecode site in
>> literally 5 minutes.
>> One other possibility.  I think there is a way to host your project on
>> googlecode but still have it mirrored on R-forge so from your users'
>> viewpoint its the same as if it were on R-Forge but you can use the
>> simpler googlecode site.  In that case you might not need to set up
>> commits on R-Forge since you would do all your commits through
>> googlecode (depending on how it works) but I have not seen good
>> documentation on how to do this.

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