[Rd] inst/ and hidden files/directories, especially inst/.svn/?

Henrik Bengtsson hb at biostat.ucsf.edu
Tue Nov 2 23:53:20 CET 2010

In Section 'Package subdirectories' of 'Writing R Extensions',  it
says about the inst/ directory that:

"The contents of the inst subdirectory will be copied recursively to
the installation directory (except perhaps hidden files with names
starting with ‘.’)."

Indeed, on Windows with R v2.12.0 patched (2010-11-01 r53513) and R
v2.13.0 devel (2010-11-01 r53513), if you have:


that subdirectory .bar/ will be included in the *.tar.gz and *.zip
builds.  However, .svn/ is as in:


is only included in the *.zip file, not the *.tar.gz file.

Is this expected?  The "perhaps" in the documentation indicates that.


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