[Rd] Package with multiple shared libraries

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 15 12:02:02 CET 2010

R CMD INSTALL is R code, and you can read it for yourself rather than 
asking other people to do so for you.  If you look in
tools:::.install.packages you will see

         shlib_install <- function(instdir, arch)
             files <- Sys.glob(paste0("*", SHLIB_EXT))
             if (length(files)) {

so it does in general install all the *.so or *.dll's generated.  I am 
not aware of a package that does so for more than one, though.

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Andreas Borg wrote:

> Dear R-devel members,
> I would like to compile a package with two seperate shared libraries. For 
> example, in a package 'foo', a file 'bar.so' built from a distinct set of 
> source files should be installed in addition to the default 'foo.so' (or .dll 
> on windows). Does anyone know about a way to achieve this without having a 
> custom Makefile, e.g. via 'Makevars'?
> Also, I'd be thankful for information on existing packages which make use of 
> this or a similar customization.
> Just in case anyone is interested in details: I have some C-code which is not 
> intended to be loaded into R but into a SQLite database to which I connect 
> via RSQLite. I would like to have these object in a seperate library.

In which case it seems that the library should not be in the package's 
libs directory, which is intended for DSO/DLLs to be loaded into R.

If you want to do this in a public package you need to remember that 
multiple architectures are used on Mac OS and Windows.

> Thanks and kind regards,
> Andreas
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