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Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Tue Nov 16 20:33:20 CET 2010

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On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Prof. John C Nash <nashjc at uottawa.ca> wrote:
> Ravi Varadhan and I have been looking at UCMINF to try to identify why it gives occasional
> (but not reproducible) errors, seemingly on Windows only. There is some suspicion that its
> use of DBLEPR for finessing the Fortran WRITE() statements may be to blame. While I can
> find DBLEPR in Venables and Ripley, it doesn't get much mention after about 2000 in the
> archives, though it is in the R FAQ and Brian R. mentions they are in libR in a 2009 post.
> Are the xxxPR routines now deprecated (particularly for 64 bit systems) or still OK to
> use?  If OK, can anyone point to documentation and examples?

Can you give more context?  What is UNCMINF?  Is it a package?  Is it a file?

There is a file R_SRC/src/appl/uncmin.c but it doesn't use DBLEPR
because it is C source code.  As stated in the comments

/* ../appl/uncmin.f
   -- translated by f2c (version of 1 June 1993 23:00:00).
   -- and hand edited by Saikat DebRoy

/*--- The Dennis + Schnabel Minimizer -- used by R's  nlm() ---*/

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