[Rd] [R] DBLEPR?

Prof. John C Nash nashjc at uottawa.ca
Wed Nov 17 15:15:21 CET 2010

Thanks for comments from several folk, fix from Doug Bates and start to finding new email
for ucminf maintainer.

Summary of responses:

DBLEPR and its relations are briefly mentioned but with no or minimal examples in Writing
R Extensions as well as Venables and Ripley book. I should have emphasized I was
especially seeking examples, and Brian Ripley has pointed out that cluster, mda and
tweedie among others use these routines.

Fortran WRITE or PRINT routines, even if unused by code, may interfere with C output,
especially in Windows. (See R-devel post from Brian Ripley).

Doug Bates provided a different approach and code that appears to fix ucminf.

We have a lead on contacting the maintainer, who has moved, so hopefully the package can
be updated.

My conclusion from this: xxxPR routines are still usable, but likely not the best approach
for output from Fortran routines.

Once again, thanks to all.


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