[Rd] R-.12.0 atlas lapack

luxInteg lux-integ at btconnect.com
Mon Nov 22 18:59:13 CET 2010

On Saturday 20 November 2010 22:35:02 luxInteg wrote:
> Greetings,
> I last  built R-2.11.1  a few months ago.  The computer was equipped with
> these:-
> ---cpu amd64 2 cores
> ---o/s cblfs 64-bit only linux kernel-2.6.32 gcc-4.4.2 jdk(1.5)-6U20?
> ---bls atlas3.9.26  lapacck-3.2.1
> I obtained   an installed directory of ~58Mbytes  and in the ~/lib
> directory was  libR.so (~7.8Mbytes in size) as well as libRblas.so and
> libRlapack.so (~2.9Mbytes).
> I have since upgraded atlas to atlas3.9.32 and lapack to lapack-3.2.2. to
> fulfill requirements of other numeric intensive  programs I use.  Today  I
> compiled and installed    R-2.12.0   using the same settings used for
> R-2.11.1 and these are my findings:-
> {The  installed directory is ~42Mbytes  and in the ~/lib directory there is
> but libR.so of only 2.9 mbytes.  There are no libRlapack.so nor
> libRblas.so}
> I would be grateful if someone culd explain   the discrepencies   between
> the two versions of R  and what the requirements are for generating
> linRlapack.so and libRblas.so  and/or whether these have been superceded.
> thanks in   advance..

excerpt from /R-2.12.0/src/modules/lapack/README

The Fortran routines here are extracted from LAPACK 3.1.0, then 3.1.1
(http://www.netlib.org/lapack and mirrors).

dlapack?.f are support routines for `real' LAPACK calls
cmplx.f are support routines for LAPACK calls from complex arithmetic
routines, that are only used if COMPLEX*16 is supported by the Fortran
compiler and compatible with the Rcomplex type (guaranteed for f2c users).
Neither will not be compiled if an external LAPACK is used.


As I said in my original email,  I  have external atla3.9.32 and lapack-3.2.2.  
I would be grateful to know if:-

a) libRblas.so  and libRlapack.so  are now superfluouss  AND  if hey are 
b) if one  now links libR.so  to lib{atlas,lapack}.so (or .a)

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