[Rd] nonparametric analysis of covariance

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 14:41:15 CET 2010

Daniela Recchia <daniela_recchia <at> yahoo.com.br> writes:

> I want to do a nonparametric covariance analysis and I have tried to use
>  the package "sm" function "sm.ancova" but it didn't work for me
> because I have more then one covariates (I have 18 covariates and
> 3 factors).

 [snip snip]

  Wrong list: this is a question for R-help, not R-devel. I don't know 
if they apply, but you might find something useful in the 'vegan' package
(permanova, adonis) although I don't know if they apply to your case.

  (I also hope you have a large data set, at least hundreds of data points.)

  If that doesn't work, please try your question again on R-help.

  Ben Bolker

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