[Rd] Request: kronecker to get a sep= argument

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Nov 25 21:10:24 CET 2010

kronecker, with make.dimnames=TRUE uses a hardwired sep=":" in the line

             tmp <- outer(dnx[[i]], dny[[i]], FUN = "paste", sep = ":")

For an application in which dimnames arise from an n-way array, where 
different dimensions have
different roles, and I would like to be able to use kronecker in the form

kronecker(A, B, make.dimnames=TRUE, sep='/')

All this requires is to change the following two lines:

kronecker <- function (X, Y, FUN = "*", make.dimnames = FALSE, sep=":" ...)
             tmp <- outer(dnx[[i]], dny[[i]], FUN = "paste", sep = sep)

Otherwise, I have to reproduce the logic inside kronecker() in my 
application function.


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