[Rd] Wiki entries on "package development process" and "software repository"

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at structuremonitoring.com
Thu Sep 9 02:29:45 CEST 2010

        I hereby invite anyone to make or suggest improvements to the 
Wikipedia entries on "package development process" and "software 

       Parts of these entries were created by Sundar Dorai-Raj and me:  
We believe that the procedures of the R community in these areas provide 
positive examples that could be profitably considered for people writing 
and sharing work in other languages.  I'm scheduled to speak about this 
next Tuesday to the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Association 
for Computing Machinery (ACM;  http://www.sfbayacm.org/?p=1962), but my 
interest in this extend beyond next Tuesday.  I may later send a note to 
the "Communications of the ACM" referencing these entries and inviting 
further input.

       Your help with this would be greatly appreciated, because I don't 
know enough to talk authoritatively about "package development process" 
and "software repository" for languages other than R.  If you know other 
people who might contribute perspectives for other languages, please 
feel free to forward this request to them.

       If you are a Wikipedian, feel free to change the entries 
directly.  Otherwise, I'd be pleased to hear your comments, suggested 
improvements, etc., via email.

       Spencer Graves

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