[Rd] How to connect R to Mysql?

Thomas Etheber etheber at gmx.de
Fri Sep 17 18:26:30 CEST 2010

I also had problems connecting via RMysql on Windows several weeks ago.
I decided to skip the package and now use RODBC, which runs stable out 
of the box. Perhaps you should have a look at this package.


Am 17.09.2010 17:50, schrieb Spencer Graves:
>       I've recently been through that with some success.  I don't 
> remember all the details, but I first looked at "help(pac=RMySQL)".   
> This told me that the maintainer was Jeffrey Horner.  Google told me 
> he was at Vanderbilt.  Eventually I found 
> "http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/wiki/Main/RMySQL", which told me 
> that I needed to build the package myself so it matches your version 
> of MySQL, operating system, etc.  I did that.
>       Does the MySQL database already exist?  I created a MySQL 
> database and tables using MySQL server 5.1.50-win32.  (Which version 
> of MySQL do you have?)
>       help('RMySQL-package') includes "A typical usage".  That helped 
> me get started, except that I needed to write to that database, not 
> just query it.  For this, I think I got something like the following 
> to work:
> d <- dbReadTable(con, "WL")
> dbWriteTable(con, "WL2", a.data.frame)  ## table from a data.frame
> dbWriteTable(con, "test2", "~/data/test2.csv") ## table from a file
>       Hope this helps.
>       Spencer
> On 9/17/2010 7:55 AM, Arijeet Mukherjee wrote:
>> I installed the RMySql package in R 2.11.1 64 bit
>> Now how can I connect R with MySql?
>> I am using a windows 7 64 bit version.
>> Please help ASAP.

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