[Rd] windows directory structure

Uwe Schmitt uschmitt at mineway.de
Tue Aug 16 09:10:50 CEST 2011


I have some trouble to get the Python bindings RPy2 running with
the latest release of R. I'm using Windows.

The reason is, that RPy2 looks at certain places for R.dll,
as $R_HOME/bin and $R_HOME/lib, but not at $R_HOME/bin/i386
where the dll is located on my machine.

So I suspect that the directory structure has changed and the
RPy2 team did not notice it. I would like to discuss a patch with
the RPy2 team and therefore I need some information:

Did the structure really change ? If yes: when did that happen ?
Which variations are possible for different windows versions ?

Regards, Uwe

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