[Rd] rgeos on Linux requires GEOS 3.2.3, not 3.3.1

Dan Bebber dbebber at earthwatch.org.uk
Wed Dec 21 21:56:35 CET 2011

Firstly my apologies, apparently this list is not the correct venue for my previous message.
I removed GEOS 3.2.3 and rgeos, then installed 3.3.1 and reinstalled rgeos.
rgeos now appears to work correctly and the issue is resolved.


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As Brian Ripley said, this is for R-sig-geo. There are lots of issues with ubuntu and similar binary builds of GEOS. rgeos definitely works with 3.3.1, but 3.2.2 is the minimum required. I would be interested in knowing why your 3.3.1 build did not permit rgeos to install successfully. It would be helpful not to leave misleading information on lists, so if you can confirm that 3.3.1 GEOS installed from source works for you (on list), I'd be grateful. 


<quote author='Dan Bebber-2'>
Some notes on installing rgeos in R 2.14.0 on a Linux Mint 11
(x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) machine
1. rgeos 0.1-15 will not run with GEOS 3.2.0-1, which is the version
currently available on Synaptic package manager
2. I installed GEOS 3.3.1 (the latest version) from
http://trac.osgeo.org/geos/, but rgeos will not run with this either
3. I then install GEOS 3.2.3, and now rgeos works fine!

It seems therefore that there is a mismatch between the GEOS version that is
available on Synaptic, and the rgeos version on Cran (just in case anyone
else comes across this issue).

Best wishes,
Dan Bebber

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