[Rd] R 2.13.0 on Windows: R CMD check and '"du"' not found

Henrik Bengtsson hb at biostat.ucsf.edu
Sat Feb 12 22:57:41 CET 2011

FYI, I'm sure the following is a temporary issue, but in case it slips
through, I want to raise it here.  On Windows 7 64-bit, running Rcmd
check on R devel gives:

 * using R version 2.13.0 Under development (unstable) (2011-02-11 r54330)
* using platform: x86_64-pc-mingw32 (64-bit)
* using session charset: ISO8859-1
* checking for file 'aroma.core/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* this is package 'aroma.core' version '1.9.4'
* checking package dependencies ... OK
* checking if this is a source package ... OK
* checking for executable files ... OK
* checking whether package 'aroma.core' can be installed ... OK
* checking installed package size ...Error in system2("du", , TRUE,
TRUE) : '"du"' not found
Execution halted

That is, the 'du' (disk usage) executable is missing.

I've verified that installing the latest Rtools
[http://www.murdoch-sutherland.com/Rtools/Rtools212.exe] does not
solve it (=it does not contain 'du').  BTW, is there a way to know
when Rtools have been updated relative to the version you already have


PS. Placing the 'du.exe' executable of UnxTools
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/unxutils/) in the bin/ directory of
Rtools (e.g. C:/Rtools/bin/) provides a workaround.

> sessionInfo()
R version 2.13.0 Under development (unstable) (2011-02-11 r54330)
Platform: x86_64-pc-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)

[1] LC_COLLATE=English_United States.1252
[2] LC_CTYPE=English_United States.1252
[3] LC_MONETARY=English_United States.1252
[5] LC_TIME=English_United States.1252

attached base packages:
[1] stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods   base

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