[Rd] How to point R toward Ghostscript on a Windows XP system

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jan 15 08:59:24 CET 2011

On Fri, 14 Jan 2011, Jeremy Koster wrote:

> A colleague designed a script for a bar plot, which I'd like to 
> export to my directory via the barplot command:
> bitmap(file="barplot.tif", type="tifflzw", height=4, width=6.5, res=1250)
> Unfortunately, this command produces the following error message:
> Error in system(paste(gsexe, "-help"), intern = TRUE, invisible = TRUE) :
>  'gswin32c.exe' not found
>> From consulting the archives and the help file, I deduced that I 
>> needed to install Ghostscript, which I did.  Subsequent messages in 
>> the archives suggest directing R toward Ghostscript using an 
>> environmental variable, specifically R_GSCMD.

Please do read the help page.  You didn't tell us if you added 
Ghostscript to your path: if you had done so this would not be needed 
(as the help page says).

> Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to use this command.  Can 
> anyone provide assistance?

Sys.setenv(GS_CMD="C:/Program Files/gs/gswin32c.exe")
if what you say below is correct, but
Sys.setenv(GS_CMD="C:/Program Files/gs/bin/gswin32c.exe")
would be more standard for recent versions of Ghostscript.

> This is for R version 2.12.0 using Windows XP on a Dell laptop.

OK, but next time please consult the posting guide and give us the 
'at a minimum' information asked for there (we need to know if this is 
32- or 64-bit Windows on a 32- or 64-bit OS -- and although rare, 
64-bit Windows XP does exist).

> The path for ghostscript in my program files folder is: C:\Program 
> Files\gs
> Many thanks,
> Jeremy
> UC Anthropology

BTW, asking how to set environment variables is covered in the rw-FAQ 
and is not an R-devel topic.

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