[Rd] plotmath indices: suggested addition to help file

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Thu Jan 20 14:05:41 CET 2011

Dear all,

I just stumbled over the fact that subsetting by square bracket will only output 
the first given index. I guess the rest is thrown away by the CADDR in RenderSub 
(plotmath.c l. 1399).
Maybe changing this could be considered as "low-priority desired" (would be nice 
if the output works for ?

However, I suggest to announce the fact that only the first parameter is printed 
in plotmath.Rd.

E.g. in the table l. 72
\code{x[i]}   \tab x subscript i; escape further indices (\code{x ["i, j"]})\cr


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