[Rd] generating HTML help pages

016750 i.aoultchenko at erasmusmc.nl
Fri Jan 28 07:35:23 CET 2011

 Dear All,

 I need to convert all Rd help pages for my package to HTML format in 
 order to serve these on our web-server. Ideally, I would like to do that 
 as "all docs in single page" and also index page + one html page per Rd 

 Looking through documentation the only clues I could find were

 * R CMD Rdconv --type=html FILE, which does not produce cross-links, 
 does not process multiple files, and does not produce index file


 this will do a better job by producing cross-links, but again, no 
 multiple files processing, and no index

 This is not a big deal to make a loop over all files in my "man", and I 
 can copy "00Index.html" from library/package/html after install, but I 
 wonder if there is a more straightforward way to achieve my aim? Also, 
 any suggestions as for generating a single HTML with all help pages of a 

 with best regards, and sorry if I am off-topic,

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