[Rd] Suggestions for R-devel / R-help digest format

Saravanan saravanan.thirumuruganathan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 18:44:20 CEST 2011


I am passive reader of both R-devel and R-help mailing lists. I am 
sending the following comments to r-devel as it seemed more suitable. I 
am aware that this list uses GNU mailman for the list management. I have 
my options set that it sends a email digest. One thing I find is that 
the digest consists of emails that ordered temporarlly. For eg lets say 
there are two threads t1 and t2 and the emails arrive as e1 of t1, e2 of 
t2, e3 of t3  . The digest lists them as e1,e2 and then e3. Is it 
possible to somehow configure it as T1 : e1,e3 and then T2 : e2 ?

This is the digest format that google groups uses which is incredibly 
helpful as you can read all the messages in a thread. Additionally, it 
also helpfully includes a header that lists all the threads in digest so 
that you can jump to the one you are interested in. I checked the 
mailman options but could not find any.

Does anyone else have the same issue? It is not a big issue in R-devel 
but R-help is a much more high traffic mailing list. I am interested in 
hearing how you read/filter your digest mails in either R-help or other 
high volume mailing lists.


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