[Rd] Suggestions for R-devel / R-help digest format

Brian G. Peterson brian at braverock.com
Thu Jul 7 19:02:52 CEST 2011

On Thu, 2011-07-07 at 11:44 -0500, Saravanan wrote:
> Hello,
> I am passive reader of both R-devel and R-help mailing lists. I am 
> sending the following comments to r-devel as it seemed more suitable. I 
> am aware that this list uses GNU mailman for the list management. I have 
> my options set that it sends a email digest. One thing I find is that 
> the digest consists of emails that ordered temporarlly. For eg lets say 
> there are two threads t1 and t2 and the emails arrive as e1 of t1, e2 of 
> t2, e3 of t3  . The digest lists them as e1,e2 and then e3. Is it 
> possible to somehow configure it as T1 : e1,e3 and then T2 : e2 ?
> This is the digest format that google groups uses which is incredibly 
> helpful as you can read all the messages in a thread. Additionally, it 
> also helpfully includes a header that lists all the threads in digest so 
> that you can jump to the one you are interested in. I checked the 
> mailman options but could not find any.
> Does anyone else have the same issue? It is not a big issue in R-devel 
> but R-help is a much more high traffic mailing list. I am interested in 
> hearing how you read/filter your digest mails in either R-help or other 
> high volume mailing lists.

This really has nothing to do with R, but rather mailman.

I use folders, filtered on the server using SIEVE and/or procmail.  No
digest required. I get the mails immediately, not later in the day or
the next day,  and can use all my various email clients easily to

mailman supports a MIME digest format that includes a table of contents
with links to each MIME part.  mailman does not support a threaded
digest, to the best of my knowledge.


   - Brian

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