[Rd] Possible bug in termplot function (stats package) ?

peter dalgaard pdalgd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:15:25 CEST 2011

On Jun 6, 2011, at 20:38 , Joris Meys wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:29 PM, peter dalgaard <pdalgd at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Jun 6, 2011, at 17:15 , Joris Meys wrote:
> **snip**
>>> If nothing is found, an error is returned. If
>>> anything is found, data won't be NULL, so line 20, when reached, will
>>> always return FALSE. Can it be that lines 18 and 19 should be removed
>>> from the function?
>> I think this is a false assumption. What keeps model$call$data from being NULL?
> Apart from a dataframe that is explicitly assigned NULL, I can't
> imagine a case where model$call$data would be NULL. If it's not found,
> the statement returns an error. If it is found and it is NULL, your
> model call will have thrown an error earlier, so you won't even have
> an object to plot. If you can give me one example where that code
> actually makes sense, I'll be very happy. But right now, it doesn't
> make any sense at all to me.

I'd say that the burden of proof is really on your side, but how hard can it be:

> x <- 1:10
> y <- rnorm(10)
> m <- lm(y~x)
> m$call
lm(formula = y ~ x)
> m$call$data

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