[Rd] Data package questions

Claudia Beleites claudia.beleites at ipht-jena.de
Fri Jun 10 13:33:12 CEST 2011

Dear Paul,

> In process of creating data package from an existing one.
> The current package has both raw data files and the associated
> RData objects created from them. Currently, the data subdirectory
> is 1.5Mb and the extdata is 5.4Mb.
> Never having created a data package before, how is this best
> done? Should the data package contain only the raw data, or
> the RData objects too (tightly coupled)? If the later, what
> (if anything) is added to the DESCRIPTION meta-information
> to denote the dependency? Should both packages suggest each
> other?

I have one data set that I ship as a few principal components and 
reconstruct it by a function. The result is then assigned to the 
exported variable by delayedAssign.

That way, you'd need to ship the raw data only, but can provide a 
ready-to-use R object as well.

For my example data, I don't ship the raw data as it is too big (30 MB 
toy example is really unpolite on CRAN), but I provide it at r-forge and 
give the link on the help page and in the vignette.


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