[Rd] CRAN package with dependencies on Bioconductor

Kornelius Rohmeyer kornelius.rohmeyer at small-projects.de
Sat Jun 11 02:46:07 CEST 2011

Dear Martin,

thanks for your response.

>> The superclass graphBase is introduced in graph 1.30. In my
>> understanding the problem is that our package gMCP is build on CRAN
>> for R 2.12 with the package graph in version 1.30. Unfortunately
>> biocLite installs graph_1.28.0.zip for R 2.12.
> biocLite is returning the correct package -- graph 1.28.0. graph 1.30 did
> not come in to existence until the most recent release, 2011-04-13,
> approximately when R-2.13 became the current release version.
> CRAN is building packages with the current release, R-2.13, for which
> biocLite and install.packages both (correctly) return graph 1.30.

I doubt this, i.e. CRAN is also still building packages for R 2.12 -
and is using graph 1.30 for this as far as I understand it (instead of

>> Are there ways to make dependencies on Bioconductor less complicated?
> Use the current version of R.

So you agree that it is impossible to give a reasonable instruction to
install such binary packages for older versions of R like the four
month old R 2.12? (Reasonable means without manual installation of
packages in the correct versions - where the correct versions have to
be found out by the maintainer.)

Best regards, Kornelius.

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