[Rd] Controlling stdin and stdout in an embedded R instance

Mike Sonsini msonsini at harmonia.com
Fri Jun 17 00:47:43 CEST 2011


I am very new to R but my question is with respect to the C API for 
working with an embedded R console. I have been able to start and stop 
an embedded R console from within a C program as well as use the API to 
execute commands in it. I am seeking a mechanism to individually send 
native R commands to an embedded console and then consume the output of 
these commands. Specifically, I cannot send a set of commands to the 
embedded console and then consume all of the output after the execution 
completes. I have unsuccessfully attempted to assign values to the 
ptr_R_ReadConsole and ptr_R_WriteConsole function pointers defined in 
Rinterface.h but do not know if this is a valid approach. I am working 
in Ubuntu 10.04 and thus the Windows example at the following address is 
not applicable.


Does anyone on this list have experience or an example of communicating 
with an embedded R console using native R commands and consuming the 
output one command at a time in a "Unix-alike" environment?

Thank you,
Mike Sonsini

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