[Rd] Importing from a package with dependencies

steven mosher moshersteven at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 03:03:24 CEST 2011

 I needed to do a little cleanup on my packages ( before trying
Rd2Roxygen) and that involved
switching some packages from my Depends list  to Imports.

Specifically, I had a dependency on "R.utils", but since I only used
one or two functions
(gunzip ) I thought it best to importFrom("R.utils",gunzip) in the
namespace and then switch
from depending on R.util to Importing.

However, R.utils depends upon R.oo and R.methodsS3. I removed them as
well from the depends.

Now, when I build the package I get the following warning

"library or require call not declared from R.oo

I know this is something stupid I am missing.

I would like to import from R.util  because of a name clash with
"raster"  ( extract).

Do I still need to declare a depends on R.oo and R.methodsS3?



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