[Rd] R CMD check returns NOTE about package data set as global variable

peter dalgaard pdalgd at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 22:33:14 CEST 2012

On Apr 6, 2012, at 22:23 , Hervé Pagès wrote:

> On 04/06/2012 12:33 PM, Brad McNeney wrote:
>> OK, thanks for the tip on good coding practice. I'm still getting the NOTE though when I make the suggested change.
> Because when you do return(RutgersMapB36[,1]), the code checker has no
> way to know that the RutgersMapB36 variable is actually defined.
> Try this:
> test<-function() {
>   RutgersMapB36 <- NULL
>   data(RutgersMapB36)
>   return(RutgersMapB36[,1])
> }

That might remove the NOTE, but as far as I can see, it also breaks the code... 

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