[Rd] Vignette questions

Terry Therneau therneau at mayo.edu
Wed Apr 11 22:41:44 CEST 2012

Context: R2.15-0 on Ubuntu.

1. I get a WARNING from CMD check for "Package vignette(s) without 
corresponding PDF:
   In this case the vignettes directory had both the pdf and Rnw; do I 
need to move the pdf to inst/doc?

    I'm reluctant to add the pdf to the svn source on Rforge, per the 
usual rule that a code management system should not have both a primary 
source and a object dervived from it under version control.  However, if 
this is the suggested norm I could do so.

2. Close reading of the paragraph about vignette sources shows the 
following -- I think?  If I have a vignette that should not be rebuilt 
by "check" or "BUILD" I should put the .Rnw source and pdf in /inst/doc, 
and have the others that should be rebuilt in /vignettes.  This would 
include any that use "private R packages, screen snapshots, ...", or in 
my case one that takes just a little short of forever to run.

3. Do these unprocessed package also contribute to the index via 
\VignetteIndexEntry lines, or will I need to create a custom index?

Terry Therneau

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