[Rd] Write unix format files on windows and vice versa

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Tue Apr 24 19:56:25 CEST 2012

On 24-Apr-2012 17:23:00 Andrew Redd wrote:
> I go back and forth between windows and linux, and find myself
> running into problem with line endings. Is there a way to
> control the line ending conversion when writing files, such as
> write and cat? More explicitly I want to be able to write files
> with LF line endings rather than CRLF line ending on windows;
> and CRLF line endings instead of LF on linux, and I want to be
> able to control when the conversion is made and/or choose the
> line endings that I want.
> As far as I can tell the conversion is not optional and buried
> deep in compiled code. Is there a possible work around?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

Rather than write the Linux version out in Windows (or the other
way round in Linux), you might find it more useful to use an
external conversion utility.

One such is unix2dos/dos2unix (the same program in either case,
whose function depends on what name you call it by). This used
to be standard on older Linux systems, but may need to be explicitly
installed on your system. It seems there may also be a version for
Windows -- see:


Then, when you create a file in Windows, you could transfer it to
Linux and covert it to "Unix"; and also keep it as it is for use
on Windows. Conversely, when you create a file in Linux, you
coled convert it to "Windows" and transfer it to Windows; and
also keep it as it is for use on Linux.

It is also possible to do the CRLF-->LF or LF-->CRLF using 'sed'
in Linux.

For some further detail see


Hoping this helps,

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