[Rd] delayedAssign changing values

ghostwheel lachmann at eva.mpg.de
Fri Apr 27 00:10:34 CEST 2012

Simon Urbanek wrote
>> More intuitive would have been the behavior
>> delayedAssign("x", local({y <- 7; y+3}) ) 
>> which only changes x.
> That is questionable - I think it is more logical for both environments to
> be the same as default. Just think if it -- the point here is to access
> lazy evaluation which is exactly what it does - lazy evaluation takes
> place in the original environment, not in another one.

I think I finally understand. My intuition just came from looking at
But delayedAssign came to replace delay(), which "creates a promise to
evaluate the given expression".
When one thinks of delay(), what you said makes sense, you just delay
executing a certain expression in the parent frame.

I think, though, that with the current way it is described and called,
delayedAssign should by default only have the side effect of changing the
variable, i.e. use eval.env=new.env().

The manual states:
This function is invoked for its side effect, which is assigning a promise
to evaluate value to the variable x.

I think that is a nice clear side effect - changing a variable when it is
evaluated...like a delayed "<<-".
Otherwise it seems to me that delayedAssign could cause debugging
nightmares. Luckily, it currently doesn't seem to widely used to cause

But you are right that it might be a bit strange that assign.env and
eval.env are different. Maybe that is why there are two different parameters
- to make the side effects clearer?
I tried to find anywhere uses of delayedAssign which make positive use of
side effects other than the assignment, and couldn't find any. Does anyone
know of such a use?

P.S. the end of ?delayedAssign contains this cryptic code:

e <- (function(x, y = 1, z) environment())(1+2, "y", {cat(" HO! "); pi+2})
(le <- as.list(e)) # evaluates the promises

Which I think is another way to create a promise, other than delayedAssign.
But it is really unclear why it sits there at the bottom of the document.
There should probably be more explanation of what this is....

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