[Rd] Milestone: 4000 packages on CRAN

S Ellison S.Ellison at LGCGroup.com
Fri Aug 24 12:32:18 CEST 2012


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> > | > There is a bug somewhere if another count gives 4001.
> > |
> > | Hint: available.packages() has filters, so you are not seeing the 
> > | Windows-only packages.
>       '"OS_type"' exclude packages whose OS requirement is 
> incompatible  with this version of R: that is exclude 
> Windows-only packages on a Unix-alike platform and _vice versa_.
> >
> > | Note too that the number of packages on CRAN is not monotone: 
> > | packages get added, packages get withdrawn/archived, 
> sometimes 10s at a time.

... from which we deduce* that even the combination of the world's best statisticians and a system entirely under their control does not guarantee an unambiguous count.

Anyone out there still think statistics are easy?

Even so, 4000 plus or minus a few says a great deal for the R project's impact 

S Ellison

*with limited accuracy but some entertainment

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