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Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Aug 24 19:55:03 CEST 2012

On 24 August 2012 at 12:32, David L Lorenz wrote:
|   The utils package has a misc folder, and some other packages have 
| folders that are not listed in the R-extensions documentation (?data?, ?
| demo?, ?exec?, ?inst?, ?man?, ?po?, ?src?, and ?tests?). I'd like to be 
| able to put some ancillary data into a misc folder, but it's mere presence 
| in the source folder or source tarball (created with R CMD build) does not 
| mean that it gets put into the zip file (I'm using Windoze) for the 
| package.
|   How do I get an extra, nonstandard subdirectory into a package?

>From the 'Writing R Extensions' manual, Section 1.1.3 "Package subdirectories":

      The contents of the `inst' subdirectory will be copied recursively
   to the installation directory.  Subdirectories of `inst' should not
   interfere with those used by R (currently, `R', `data', `demo', `exec',
   `libs', `man', `help', `html' and `Meta', and earlier versions used
   `latex', `R-ex').  The copying of the `inst' happens after `src' is
   built so its `Makefile' can create files to be installed.  Prior to R
   2.12.2, the files were installed on POSIX platforms with the
   permissions in the package sources, so care should be taken to ensure
   these are not too restrictive: `R CMD build' will make suitable
   adjustments.  To exclude files from being installed, one can specify a
   list of exclude patterns in file `.Rinstignore' in the top-level source
   directory.  These patterns should be Perl-like regular expressions (see
   the help for `regexp' in R for the precise details), one per line, to
   be matched(10) against the file and directory paths, e.g.
   `doc/.*[.]png$' will exclude all PNG files in `inst/doc' based on the
   (lower-case) extension.


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