[Rd] include dll in R-package

LIYING HUANG lxh37 at psu.edu
Thu Aug 30 17:59:29 CEST 2012

One very simple question, probably not appropriate to post this to rdevel list,
I put all Fortran files in src, when I do R CMD check, it tries to compile
the files by alphabetical order. I tried to modify Makevar, but no luck 
after staring at the manual for hours. It seems that I could use R CMD SHLIB 
as following to compile the codes first to get around this problem before 
doing "R CMD check", but I am curious how to specify the file compilation order 
in Makevar? Thanks!

R CMD SHLIB -o lcca.dll error_handler.f90 constants.f90


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On 28-08-2012, at 01:29, LIYING HUANG wrote:

> I am quite new in R, I looked at R manual- how to build R Package, 
> still not very clear. Yes, it would be very helpful if I could 
> download a package having Fortran source codes to look at, Do 
> you know any package built with Fortran source code? Thanks!

To mention a few:


and probably many more.


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