[Rd] SystemRequirements’ field

Paul Gilbert pgilbert902 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 19:33:25 CET 2012

Am I correct in thinking that the ‘SystemRequirements’ field in a 
package DESCRIPTION file is purely descriptive, there are no standard 
elements that can be extracted by parsing it and used automatically?

This field does not seem to be widely used, even for some obvious cases 
like backend database driver requirements, perl, perl modules, etc.
It might help to have a list of possibilities. Some I think about 
immediately are SQLLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Perl, Perl_CSVXS,
MPI, rpcgen, Oracle-license,  Bloomberg-license and Fame-license.
Maybe there could be a generic OTHER_* for things not in a standard list?


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