[Rd] tcltk freezing using MS Windows for R-2.14+

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at club.fr
Wed Dec 19 10:16:14 CET 2012

Le mercredi 19 décembre 2012 à 16:27 +1100, Keith a écrit :
> Andreas,
> thanks so much for this clue.
> I have found that if I reduced the time in seconds from 0.1 to 0.01 to 
> 0.001 to 0.0001 I only had problems with freezing on the 0.0001 time.
> I tested on Win7(64 bit) on an Intel core i7 870 at 2.93GHz (16GB ram)(8 
> cores)
> and a WinXP (32bit) Pentium 4 3.01GHz (2GB ram) using 
> R-2.15.2(2012-10-26) on both.
> I had previously found that the tkgrab.set command seemed to be the one 
> actually freezing
> so I placed the sleep command just before that with the same result as 
> it being just after the tktoplevel command.
> I am now going to try it in my packages affylmGUI and limmaGUI, probably 
> with a sleep time of 0.1 to be on the safe side,
> many thanks,
Have you filed a bug in the R bug tracking system, as Duncan suggested
you  back in November? I couldn't find it. This is always useful to keep
track of issues.

I'm interested because I experienced freezes with my R Commander plug-in
on a specific Windows 7 configuration, and I wonder whether it might
indeed be related. So consider this as a "me too". ;-)


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