[Rd] Resume processing after warning handler.

Titus von der Malsburg malsburg at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 11:49:37 CET 2012

Dear list!

I have a script that processes a large number of data files.  When one
file fails to process correctly, I want the script to write a message
and to continue with the next file.  I achieved this with tryCatch:

  for (f in files)
    tryCatch({heavy.lifting(f)}, error=function(e) log.error.to.file(e))

I also want to log warning messages and tried something like this:

  for (f in files)
             warning=function(w) {log.warning.to.file(w)},
             error=function(e) {log.error.to.file(e)})

Unfortunately, this aborts processing when a warning is generated.  My
question: how can I resume processing after I logged the warning as if
nothing had happened?  My understanding of the man page is that his is
not possible with tryCatch but I'm not sure.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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