[Rd] Using custom R_LIBS with R CMD install

Hadley Wickham hadley at rice.edu
Wed Feb 8 19:36:16 CET 2012

> I wonder it works that far. It won't for me on Windows nor Linux, because
> system2 passes the whole thing shQuoted to the shell. Hence it is highly
> shell dependent what happens with the ill formed command.

Well I was using the env argument to system2, which claims to be
cross-platform (at least for R and make).  This command:

R_LIBS=/Users/hadley/R-dev R CMD INSTALL aL3xa-rapport-08e68ca/

is ok, isn't it?

> Whay not specify --library= in R CMD INSTALL if you are calling it
> programatically from R anyway?

My understanding (from reading R CMD INSTALL --help) was that
--library was for specifying the destination library.  Here I want to
specify the full libpath - i.e. some of the packages that this package
depends on may be in library 1, others may be in library 2.  Have I
misunderstood the documentation?


Assistant Professor / Dobelman Family Junior Chair
Department of Statistics / Rice University

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