[Rd] Can I use "..." in parallel:::clusterApplyLB?

Slava Razbash slava.razbash at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 07:51:31 CET 2012


Can I do the following? Is parallel:::clusterApplyLB() designed to
work like this? The code below is for illustrative purposes only.


myFunction<-function(myPar1, myPar2, ...) {

    clusterApplyLB(myCluster, x, otherFunction, otherPar1=myPar1,
otherPar2=myPar2, ....)


otherFunction<-function(otherPar1, otherPar2, ...) {

   someFunction(somePar1, ....)


someFunction<-function(somePar1, somePar2=NULL, somePar3=someVal) {

   ##Do some stuff


myFunction( myVal1, myVal2, somePar2=myVal3, somePar3=myVal4)

The intention is that myVal3 and myVal4 get passed to someFunction()
through clusterApplyLB if they are specified.

Best Regards,


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