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Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini mauricio.zambrano at jrc.ec.europa.eu
Tue Feb 14 17:31:45 CET 2012

On 14/02/12 09:36, Rainer M Krug wrote:
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> On 13/02/12 17:30, Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini wrote:
>> Dear R developers,
>> Due to the increasing use R in hydrology and other close-related
>> environmental sciences, I would like to ask if it would be possible
>> to create a new Special Interest Group mailing list, called
>> 'R-sig-hydro', specially devoted those topics. If possible to do
>> so, I'd offer myself to maintain such mailing list (if needed).
> I think it would be more useful to use the R-sig-geo for that, as
> hydrology (please correct me if I am wrong - I am not an expert in
> hydrology) is mainly spatial.
> A fragmentation of the lists would need to duplicate effort by members.

I don't want to duplicate efforts, but I'm not sure about R-sig-geo as 
the right mailing list for hydrology and close-related environmental 

It is true that hydrology has much to do with spatial analysis 
(interpolation techniques, use of satellite images as input for 
hydrological models, mapping, etc), but it has also a strong link to 
time series analysis (trend detection, stationary and non-stationary 
water quantity and quality modelling, climate change modelling, and a 
long etc), and probably the latter topics would be considered off-topic 
in the R-sig-geo

Another possibility could be to use the R-sig-ecology, which seems to be 
more related to hydrology:

"analytical techniques and topics that are appropriate for discussion on 
R-sig-ecology are quite broad. For examples of what might be appropriate 
for discussion on this list, please see the Environmentrics Task View 
(taken from: https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-sig-ecology)

However, I did a quick search on the archives of 'R-sig-ecology' for the 
year 2011, and I could only found one single mail related to hydrology:


(in the same search I couldn't find any single reference to hydrology in 
the R-sig-geo during the year 2011)

I think the lack of posts related to hydrological sciences in dedicated 
R-sig-xxx mailing lists is not due to a lack of interest (in the same 
period I got several questions regarding the hydroTSM and hydroGOF 
packages), but they may be due to the fact that r-sig-geo or 
r-sig-ecology are not very intuitive for hydrologists....

So, if you think that creating a new mailing list only for hydrology and 
related sciences could lead to fragmentation of the community and a 
duplication of efforts, we could start using the 'R-sig-ecology' mailing 


Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini

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> Cheers,
> Rainer
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini
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