[Rd] tempdir() documentation or real bug ?

Brian G. Peterson brian at braverock.com
Tue Feb 21 20:20:09 CET 2012

?tempdir says

By default, ‘tmpdir’ will be the directory given by ‘tempdir()’.
     This will be a subdirectory of the temporary directory found by
     the following rule.  The environment variables ‘TMPDIR’, ‘TMP’ and
     ‘TEMP’ are checked in turn and the first found which points to a
     writable directory is used: if none succeeds ‘/tmp’ is used.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work as advertised.

> Sys.setenv(TMPDIR='/home/brian/')
> Sys.getenv('TMPDIR')
[1] "/home/brian/"
> tempdir()
[1] "/tmp/RtmpfERGay"

> Sys.setenv(TEMP='/home/brian/')
> Sys.getenv('TEMP')
[1] "/home/brian/"
> tempdir()
[1] "/tmp/RtmpfERGay"

> Sys.setenv(TMP='/home/brian/')
> Sys.getenv('TMP')
[1] "/home/brian/"
> tempdir()
[1] "/tmp/RtmpfERGay"

Our /tmp/ directory is not very large, so I'd like to create tempdir()'s
in someplace that has space.


   - Brian

Brian G. Peterson
Ph: 773-459-4973
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