[Rd] seq_along and rep_along

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hello Hadley

thanks for this...

> There are the flip operators of matlab, and rotating matrices/array by
> multiples of 90 degrees.

arot() in the magic package does this (which is an operation
frequently encountered in magic hypercubes)

>> I'm always on the lookout for other array functionality of this type
>> that might sit well with magic.  Anyone?
> Have you considered pulling out the matric manipulation functions from
> magic?  I think they'd do well in their own package, and would be more
> findable.

That is a very good idea.  I have fought shy of this because the array
functionality of the magic package didn't seem to be enough to
justify a package of its own, but maybe that isn't true any more.
And I must say that the majority of user comments on the magic package
are in relation to functions such as arot() and adiag()  and apad()
and aplus() etc etc that are not specific to magic hypercubes.

Does the List have any comments?


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