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Dan Tenenbaum dtenenba at fhcrc.org
Tue Jan 10 18:51:35 CET 2012

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:56 PM, Prof Brian Ripley
<ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> An updated toolchain is now being used for Windows' builds of R-devel:
> details are in the R-admin manual and at
> http://www.murdoch-sutherland.com/Rtools/ and
> http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/Rtools/

Thanks for the update.
I saw that
had the following contents:
Rtools version

So I downloaded Rtools215.exe but when I installed it, the VERSION.txt
that was extracted read:
Rtools version

...which is the same version I previously had installed.

Has the new version not propagated yet or is there some other issue?

> Both 32- and 64-bit parts of the toolchain use v2.0.1 of the Mingw-w64
> project's runtime and a beta of gcc 4.5.4: the Mingw.org project's builds
> are no longer used.  This should mean that code which compiles for 64-bit
> Windows also compiles for 32-bit Windows, and v.v. unless code makes
> (incorrect but common) assumptions that pointers fit into longs.
> A very few packages will need modifications because they contain
> declarations which clash with the headers in this toolchain: where we are
> aware of problems the maintainers have been informed.
> At DLL level different Windows' toolchains should be compatible: at C level
> they mostly are but at C++ level they are pretty much incompatible (so that
> for example GDAL has to be re-compiled for every toolchain: and Rcpp users
> need to be careful to use only one toolchain for Rcpp and their packages).
>  All the external software previously made available (and more) is made
> available at http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/Rtools .
> The toolchain has support for OpenMP and pthreads: however OpenMP support is
> not enabled by default in R (it is too slow to be much use).  If you do make
> use of it in your packages, be aware that you will need to ship the
> appropriate pthreads DLL(s).
> It is expected that there will be several further minor updates prior to the
> release of 2.15.0 in ca 4 months, but this step is the major one.
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