[Rd] How to modify the start-up message

Ron Michael ron_michael70 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 16 20:30:50 CET 2012

Actually this is a paid package and developer was reluctant to distribute the source. Therefore I was exploring whether I could do something by myself. So you are talking about some tools. Are those tools available somewhere over Net, or if it is not still available, is there any plan in any future from R core team to build such one?

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On 16.01.2012 12:20, Ron Michael wrote:
> Thanks Uwe for you reply. However you used 'should' which brings some confusion to me! Did you mean that, **it is never possible** to modify those message given I only have windows binary?

Actually, it may be possible (and I am not sure without reading the 
sources): One could read, implant and write back the databases, but we 
do not have the tools to do that easily, hence some work would be needed 
to find out. Anyway, it simply does not make sense to mess around given 
you just need to ask for the source package in order to change the stuff.

Uwe Ligges

> Thanks,
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> On 12.01.2012 16:27, Ron Michael wrote:
>> Hi all, I got a custom R package in .zip (i.e. meant only for Windows installation). When I load that package, there are some start-up messages, probably loading through .onLoad() function. However I want to modify those messages. Please note that I do not have any other version of that package like .tar.gz fomat etc.
>> Having only the .zip version, is there any possibility to modify those start-up functionalities of that package?
> You should always modify packages by applying the changes to the source
> package and reinstall that.  Hence ask those who provided the binary
> package for a source version.
> Uwe Ligges
>> Thanks for your help.
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