[Rd] Help page of colors() : add a new example ?

Millot Gael Gael.Millot at curie.fr
Mon Jan 30 15:46:55 CET 2012

Dear all,

May I suggest to add an example in the help page of the colors() function ?
The following code could be useful to easily choose any color from colors() :

## Millot G. (2011), p.71.
## Figure displaying all the 657 built-in color names of colors().
for(i in 14:1){tempo<-c(tempo, rep(i,50))}
windows(width=10) # replace by quartz(width=10) for MacOS and by X11(width=10) for Linux
par(ann=FALSE, xaxt="n", yaxt="n", bty="n")
plot(rep(1:50,14)[1:657], tempo[1:657], pch=22, bg=1:657, cex=1.5, bty="n")
axis(side=2, at=14:1, labels=, cex.axis=1.5, srt=90)
text(rep(-2, 14), 14:1, as.character((0:13)*50+1), srt=0, cex=1)
text(c(10,20,30,40,50), rep(-0.5,5), c(10,20,30,40,50), srt=0, cex=1)

## palette(colors()) allow to replace the color names by the numbers indicated
## in the figure.
plot(1, col=630, pch=16, cex=10) # 630 is "tomato"

This code comes from the page 71 of the book I published in french:
Millot G. Comprendre et réaliser les tests statistiques à l'aide de R, 2nd edition. De Boeck editions, Bruxelles . 2011, 767 pages.

I wrote it since my students usually complain about the difficulty to select a color
from colors() when the names are displayed.

Kind regards,

Gael Millot.

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