[Rd] Feature request: workaround for 'Sys.timezone()' issue for German MS-Windows

Janko Thyson janko.thyson.rstuff at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 5 18:21:42 CEST 2012

Dear list,

I know this is *not* R's but Windows fault, at least for the German 
version. But: `Sys.timezone()' will return with an invalid time zone.

I just wondered if there's a chance to implement an alternative, 
"OS-independent" way for querying the time zone corresponding to the 
country where a specific R session was launched.

I've written a post on SO where I had a go at it, but it involves way to 
many steps: 

It'd be really great if someone could consider addressing this.

Thank you very much,
Janko Thyson

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