[Rd] 7 arguments passed to .Internal(identical) which requires 6

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Wed Jun 6 20:19:45 CEST 2012

Dan Tenenbaum <dtenenba <at> fhcrc.org> writes:

> I know this has come up before on R-help
> (http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/7-arguments-passed-to-Internal-identical-which-
> but I have a concise reproducible case that I wanted to share.
> Also, please note the Bioconductor scenario which is potentially
> seriously impacted by this.
> The issue arises when a binary version of a package (like my example
> package below) is built under R 2.15.0 Patched but then installed
> under R 2.15.0.  Our package AnnotationDbi (which hundreds of other
> packages depend on) is impacted by this issue to the extent that
> calling virtually any function in it will return something like this:
> Error in ls(2) :
>   7 arguments passed to .Internal(identical) which requires 6
> My concern is that when R 2.15.1 is released and Bioconductor starts
> building all its packages under it, that R 2.15.0 users will start to
> experience this problem. We can ask all users to upgrade to R 2.15.1
> if we have to, but it's not usually the case that a minor point
> release MUST be installed in order to run packages built under it
> (please correct me if I'm wrong). We would much prefer a workaround or
> fix to make an upgrade unnecessary.

I'm seeing the same issue. Installing the latest R-Forge .zip of data.table 
built using 2.15.0 patched, on R 2.15.0 (or 2.14.1 same issue), then running 
data.table(a=1:3) produces the "7 arguments passed to .Internal(identical) 
which requires 6" error.  traceback() and debugger() just display the top level 
call. debug(data.table) and stepping through reveals it is a call to identical
() but just a regular one. No .Internal() call in the package, let alone 
passing 6 or 7 arguments to .Internal.

Not sure how else to debug or trace it. R-Forge is byte compiling data.table 
using R 2.15.0 patched (iiuc), would that make a difference when the byte code 
is loaded into 2.15.0 which doesn't have the new argument in identical()? 


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