[Rd] How to change name of .so/.dll

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Wed Jun 13 09:42:07 CEST 2012

On Tue, 2012-06-12 at 20:38 -0400, Simon Urbanek wrote:
> Something like
> all: $(SHLIB)
>         mv $(SHLIB) datatable$(SHLIB_EXT)
> should do the trick (resist the temptation to create a datatable$(SHLIB_EXT) target - it doesn't work due to the makefile loading sequence, unfortunately). AFAIR you don't need to mess with install.libs because the default is to install all shlibs in the directory.
> Cheers,
> Simon

Huge thank you, Simon. Works perfectly. +100!


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