[Rd] An extreme quantile of the geometric distribution

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> Hi,
> With R version 2.10.0 (2009-10-26) on Windows, I computed the p=1.e-20 quantile of the geometric distribution with parameter prob=0.1.
>> qgeom(1.e-20,0.1)
> [1] -1
> But this is not possible, since X=0,1,2,...
> I guess that this might be a bug in the quantile function, which should use the log1p function, instead of the naive formula.
> Am I correct ?

Nope. (The source is availably, you know....).

The problem is that a slight fuzz is subtracted inside ceil(....), but there's no check that the result is positive.

qnbinom(...., size=1) is equivalent and does get right, by the way.  


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