[Rd] R CMD check: better diagnosis for non-ASCII characters

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Tue Nov 27 23:17:16 CET 2012

[Env: R 2.15.1, Win Xp]

Could the R script that checks for non-ASCII characters in R CMD check 
not give either:
(a) a pointer to tools:::showNonASCIIfile, as in,
try running tools:::showNonASCIIfile("Battig.Rd")
(b) perhaps more useful, the result of tools:::showNonASCIIfile(file.Rd) 
on the offending file(s).

I'm frequently bitten by this in preparing .Rd files when I copy/paste 
references to the
.Rd from a .pdf or web link.  But it is nearly impossible to see these 
variant characters
in my .Rd files with any editor.

This recent example was solved by
 > tools:::showNonASCIIfile("Battig.Rd")
47:     \emph{Journal of Experimental Psychology}, 80 (1969), pp. 1<96>46

but I had to find this function again via ??ascii because it is not 

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