[Rd] compiling R for Windows with Intel compiliers and MKL

Vitaliy FEOKTISTOV vitaliy.feoktistov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 17:11:39 CET 2012


I want to compile R-2.15.2 for Windows with Intel compilers and MKL(
I installed 'Rtools' and follow the instructions of "R
installation and administration" guide (3.1; A.3.1.4; C.2.2).
I configured "/src/gnuwin32/MkRules.local" and "config.site" according
to needed environmental variables (icc, ifort, icpc, mkl..)

When compiling from "/src/gnuwin32/Makefile" the instructions of
"config.site" have not been taking in consideration.

I would like to ask you if you could give me more detailed
instructions on how to compile R for Windows by Intel compilers,
please ?

Thank you in advance !

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