[Rd] Minor edit to R-ints doc will be needed for R-2.15.2: axis() no longer uses .Internal()

Josh O'Brien joshmobrien at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 23:17:36 CEST 2012


The second paragraph of Chapter 2: .Internal vs .Primitive of R-ints
uses axis() as an example of a function that uses .Internal(). Here's
the quote:

> Functions using .Internal() wrapped in a closure are in general preferred as this ensures
> standard handling of named and default arguments. For example, axis is defined as
> axis <- function(side, at = NULL, labels = NULL, ...)
> .Internal(axis(side, at, labels, ...))

As of R-2.15.2, though, this will no longer be true; as noted in the
Code Migration section of R-devel NEWS file:

> The C code underlying base graphics has been migrated to the graphics package
> (and hence no longer uses .Internal() calls).

So, a different example may be needed.

(Please let me know if a message of this type is better directed
somewhere else, or if it should wait until after some milestone in the
development cycle.)



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