[Rd] Rcmd_environ and R_LIBS_{USER,SITE}

Keith Jewell k.jewell at campden.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 10:14:44 CEST 2012

No reply in a number of hours, so here is a suggestion from ignorance :-}

?Startup refers to a number of other "site and user files to process for 
setting environment variables" but not to Rcmd_environ. The contents of 
$R_HOME/etc/Rcmd_environ seem to reflect (some of) the contents of 
(some) other files.

I have similar lines (defining library paths) in

Is it correct to directly edit Rcmd_environ or should it be modified 
only via other files? (A genuine question).

On 17/10/2012 15:59, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> Is there a fundamental reason why I cannot set either one of
>    ## add local library path -- doesn't work either
>    R_LIBS_USER="c:/opt/R-library"
>    R_LIBS_SITE="c:/opt/R-library"
> in $R_HOME/etc/Rcmd_environ even though I can seemingly set other things here?
> It breaks "R CMD check" for me as I prefer NOT to install packages in a
> versioned path.
> FWIW, defaulting to a versioned path is (to this no-longer-bemused user) as
> much a permenent R bug (on Windoze) as the default installation into a path
> with spaces.
> Dirk

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